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Arc 3-in-1 Multi-Function Voltage Tester (: TA-14862)

This circuit tester is a great way to test voltage output in your electrical systems. It has a double pole system, that voltage can be checked from either one. This is an easy to use circuit tester that will test rated voltage range: 110-550V. Voltage indication 110/ 220/ 380v AC, 150/300/500v DC. Voltage measure: 50-500hz

Voltage tester - voltage indication - 110, 220, 380v AC & 150, 300 & 500v DC
Rated voltage range: 110-550v - voltage measures from 50-500hz
Voltage tester poles are 7.25-inches and 5-inches long
Auto voltage range detected with LED light display
Easy to use - powered by item being tested



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