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Blaster Products Air Tool Oil and Conditioner - 12 oz.

Features and Benefits:

Blaster 404 Air Tool Oil and Conditioner is a fast and easy way to clean, coat and lubricate the internal parts of all air operated tools
Used regularly, Blaster 404 prevents the build-up of sludge, calcium, varnish and moisture so the performance of the tool is never impaired
Because the product does not evaporate, it keeps the internal parts of the tool continuously lubricated to prevent rust and corrosion, too
Blaster 404 instantly restores RPMs to air tools that have been pronounced "dead" by breaking the surface tension of sludge, calcium and varnish particles that cause freeze up
FLOOD the tool with Blaster 404. The tool will then be lubricated and instantly restored to normal power and speed.

Works on:

Impact wrenches
Air motors
Air operated rolls
Deburring tools
All types of hydraulic tools


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